What’s in a Name ~ Lia’s Akikah 04.23.17

I’ve been toying… tinkering… tweaking. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I finally made the leap.

A Shahzadi Affair got a face lift.  We changed the logo, and made it uncomplicated.  Like planning an event should be.  We also changed the name.  We are now Facet Events!

It was a huge deal to change the name.  It meant that ASA would disappear… until I realized that I was changing.  That ASA was not really what I was anymore.  I have so much more going on in my life! I needed it to reflect that.  So I jumped… as I usually do head first into what felt right and changed the company’s name to FACET EVENTS. So that we could celebrate every facet of life.

So is it not totally appropriate that the first post I make on the blog is a naming ceremony I was able to style!?

Baby Lia’s Akikah was a celebration of cute bird houses in pastels accented with birdies – cookies, cupcake toppers, and the most perfectly adorable cake. We also did a candy buffet and I could not resist doing custom chocolate bar labels.  We also went a step further and did little custom Rolo stickers with little LiaBird’s birth announcement pictures!

I loved how it turned out! Let me know what you think.



// Paper- My Party Design // Cake – Sweetest Things // Cookies – Toronto Cookies //

// Candy Buffet / Dessert Table / Decor / Execution – Facet Events //


Real Shahzadi ~ Shajon & Tim [ August 17th] The ShowLud

Dear Shahzadis,

Today I want to transport you back to a better time… A time when you could go outside with flip-flops on, and a pair of shades.  A time when your next worry was whether you should get an iced latte or a lemonade. Ahhhh Summer!

In my career as a wedding planner, you get to meet people whose work you begin to fall in love with… one such person was Shaon.  She and I have worked on many a weddings/showers/birthdays/etc. etc.. She makes some LOVELY cakes. She puts every ounce of love and creativity into making a cake fit for your dessert table as well as give your taste buds a joyride!

So you know how I felt when she came to me over lunch one day expressing that her sister, Shajon, was getting married and she wanted to host a Holud for her! You can imagine my excitement.  Not only did I get to work with my fave little lady, I also was given a challenge.  Our bride was not your typical Bengali.  She wasn’t into loud colours, or crazy backdrops, or a lot of anything! Which describes a typical Holud… if you know what I mean.  I mean I don’t blame her, she wasn’t exactly marrying a Bengali guy either.

So I had the pleasure of working on what I would call a “ShowLud” – All the look of a shower, with the feel of a Holud.


Since this event was going to take place at Shaon’s backyard, we took cues from the decor already present in her house and brought it outdoors.


The entire event was filled with DIY contributions from Shaon, Shajon and A Shahzadi Affair.  We worked with the bride and her sister to come up with a simple. almost airy feel for the day.  Using fabric paneling, we created a simple backdrop and paper lanterns in different sizes and hung at different heights gave the backyard just the right amount of sprucing up.  It also gave the Holud a modern twist!


The bride is a foodie so one thing that was super important to her was to have a “Jhaalmuri” stand.  This is a very popular street food in Bangladesh.  We created a little station where we had live demonstation of Jhaalmuri being made with custom requests from the guests, who enjoyed not only the street snack but also, the “performer” – Jhaalmuri-ala.


Indoors, we played up the theme with many touches! We did garlands of all types. On the photo wall, on top of the desert table…

Re: Photography
Re: Photography
Re: Photography
Re: Photography

This was such a fun event to plan.  We really had a great time creating all the printables, and with the help of a wonderful big sister, this little sister had the best combo ShowLud ever!   I hope we have been able to give you some great ideas for your next event. Remember, you are not bound by any one frame of thinking.  Always know that your vision is the best vision for you, and all you have to do, is leave it up to us on the day of…

All setup, printables and coordination by: A Shahzadi Affair

Photos: Re: Photography

Real Shahzadi ~ Anisa & Irshad [ August 18th] The Wedding

Today my dears, we aren’t going to waste ANY time and get right on to discussing Anisa and Irshad’s Wedding! 2 years in the making, these two were in my life for quite some time… and I’m glad to say, they have remained that way!  The most rewarding part of this job is to be able to meet new people and still have a connection that spans further then that of a business contract.  It makes me truly thankful for my job.

Anisa and Irshad’s wedding was a super classy affair.  Anisa was a True Shahzadi. She had me with her every step of the way.  We sent each other countless emails, Facebook messages, and not to mention, I went to each and every one of her vendor meetings with her to ensure that I knew exactly how she wanted everything to turn out.

A Shahzadi Affair was integral in sourcing the vendors that we knew would make her vision come to life! After she had decided on Le Jardin as her venue, we secured her favorite room and got down to business.  We called on one of the best decorators in the industry, Dream Party Decor, to work his magic on the room.  Even though the room did not need a great deal of work, he brought in the rich blue hues and the twinkling tree to add to the whimsical, romantic, playful love that is so Anisa and Irshad.

After a few months of knowing the bride and groom I knew that their photographers would have to be Renaissance Studios! They went together like PB & J in my opinion! Michelle and I got along really well and we worked to ensure that all the important rituals and ceremonies were captured. They had the {NIKKAH} in 2012, which was the first time they worked with Michelle. After which the couple had a great time during their {ENGAGEMENT SHOOT} where they really got to understand Michelle’s style of working and how that played with their personality.

Of course the lovely Shirley Wu was responsible for each of the bride’s looks for her wedding festivities!

Renaissance Studios Photography
Renaissance Studios Photography

Doesn’t she look AMAZING?

We brought in JF [squared] to capture their love story just as they are! And did he do a fantastic job or what?? I watch this highlight reel all the time. You can tell how in love these two and and WHAT a fun wedding they had!  

NOW, Have a look at some of the pictures from the wedding… ❤ I know you’ve waited long enough!



There were so many cute details, from the broach bouquet, to the M&M favours, to the wishing tree, this wedding had a lot of little elements that acted as little personal stamps of the couple.  My team and I had a great time working with this couple; in her words:

ASA was very hard working. This was not only noted by myself and the groom but also from our family and friends.

Farah and her team never stopped to take a second to themselves, they were always running around and coming up with various solutions to issues that arose.

We were very happy with Farah and the team. I addressed any issues I had and Farah was quick to fix them for the next event. Everyone was super happy with her hard working attitude and her organizational skills!


Thank you so much Anisa and Irshad, it really does feel like an end of an era! ❤


Partners in Vision Orchastration 

Chateau Le JardinDream Party Decor | Renaissance Studios | JF [Squared] Films | Beauty Concepts By Shirley Wu | Empire Entertainment | Just Temptations | LCA Studios

Event Printables, Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair 


Real Shahzadi ~ Anisa & Irshad [ August 16th] The Holud

If you’ve been following me since I started ASA, you will already know that Anisa and Irshad were the very first couple to sign my services! ❤ Even thought it was the first wedding I signed under the ASA banner, it was most definitely not the easiest!

I started working with Anisa and her parents in November 2011.  They met with me once and we knew we had to work together.  Having recently gotten married myself, Anisa and I shared a banter that I can’t say I have ever shared with any other Shahzadi! She and I shared the same style sense and our choices in vendors often overlapped! (What a relief!)

Even though her wedding was to happen 2 years later, she loved the planning process.  So we began looking for the vendors to pull together her day! After her parents settled on the venue for the reception, then began the fun stuff!

Her wedding was so full of little details that it’s hard to fit her whole wedding into one single blog post. Today, we will cover the details from her Holud!

I love getting the planning process started early.  Although there are obvious advantages to planning in advance, you have to remember that a lot can change in two years! And that it did.  One of the challenges that we had to combat for Anisa’s events was the ever growing guest list.  When we had started to work together, we were not expecting more than 250 people to attend her holud, as we got closer to the date, we had a far larger number than we had anticipated.  One piece of advice, among many for everyone, is to make sure you make a list of guests BEFORE getting the venue.  In the last months leading up to the wedding, we came to the realization that the hall we had, would not hold the number of guests that would be attending.  Working with the venue, we came into some luck as another party had been cancelled and we were able to have the larger hall! This does not always happen though so, please make sure that when you make your guest list, that it stay firm! (Believe me, anyone you are not able to invite, will understand in the long run…)

After that crisis was handled we moved on to the fun part! The day of the event it self!

Anisa’s mom is a DIY queen.  She wanted to be a part of as many details as possible! She took care of the centerpieces at the Holud.  Dressing each table with a set of three candles at varying heights, that she decorated with henna herself.  It took her months, but she diligently worked on them for her daughter.  We helped the cause by lending our hand when it came to designing the printables for this event! She wanted the event to be as colorful as possible and judging from the photos, they were not disappointed!

We were there early to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch! The centerpieces were put out, all the little details around the room were taken care of.  Going with a arabesque themed look, Anisa went for a bold and richly colored backdrop for her holud.  She had her bridesmaids and cousinmaids (she has a huge family that she is deeply connected to that she wanted to highlight) in matching outfits.  Although they were all in separate colors, they all worked together pull together a cohesive color palette that screamed [HAPPY] [FUN] and most definitely [ANISA]!

It was a very entertaining evening with a crazy program which included a skit of how the couple met and a 30 minute medley dance performance complete with 25 dancers! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? I know… when I saw the program plan, I was pretty impressed by the work they had put into the entertainment part of the night! When you have such an ambitious plan, you have to have a solid group behind the scenes.  Even though we had a contingency laptop and all the media in multiple copies, something had to go wrong during the night! The projector that was working 10 minutes before stopped working about 15 minutes before a slideshow! I tried to get the hall manager to look at it, and he wasn’t able to figure out what was the matter! I had the DJ try to figure out the problem, but no luck there either… This is when I got my assistant involved.  With about 7 minutes to go before it needed to work I was reworking the schedule in my head to give him more time.  As I am about to walk over to the MC with my reworked schedule, my assistant gives me the signal that the projector is working! {OH MY WOW} I about turned and let the program proceed as planned! And no one was the wiser ❤

The couple’s friends and family really pulled out all the stops to create an unforgettable night for two of the most fun people I have ever met! I am so glad I was able to be a part of their Holud!

Enjoy the photos! All photos were taken by Michelle Belsky from Renaissance Studios 



Partners in Vision Orchestration:

Payal Banquet Hall | Dream Party Decor | Renaissance Studios | JF [Squared] Films | Beauty Concepts By Shirley Wu | Empire Entertainment | LCA Studios

Event Printables, Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair 

Real Shahzadi ~ Nisha & David [July 27, 2013] Part 2

Hi Shahzadis ❤

I know.. I know I am outdoing myself! BACK – TO – BACK blog posts! But this post has waited LONG ENOUGH to see the light of the Blog sphere!

Today I share with you the wonderful reception of my lovely July Shahzadi, Nisha! If you haven’t read the post about her back to back Hindu ceremony and Christian ceremony, –> {CLICK HERE}  I’ll be waiting when you get back!


The reception setup was well underway when my assistant and I got back to the hall.  They had opted to have the same hall run both the ceremony and reception that day so that the guests could navigate easily.  The Hindu ceremony was torn down in a manner of an hour and the glitzy glam setup was taking shape.

A Shahzadi Affair
A Shahzadi Affair

Earlier in the week we had picked up hundreds of favours, meticulously packaged with custom ribbon by her amazing bridesmaids.  She had programs and table seating cards for her over 450 people guest list! not only did she have table seating cards, she also had escort cards at the receiving table! She had personalized table names using her favorite countries.  The details were many.. so we had to get down to work as soon as we got back from the church.

The escort cards were little kisses that had the name of the guest and the table at which they were sitting at.  We were working on setting up the escort cards when we realized that the escort cards were only made for HALF the guests!! David’s side didn’t have the escort kisses!

How were guests to know where they were going to sit?  What would we give them other than the kisses? Is it not unfair that Nisha’s guests get kisses and David’s guests are left with nothing?

Now this would not be a HUGE problem if it had been the only issue.  There was another issue waiting to rear its ugly head.  In an effort to be unique the bride and groom used country names to distinguish guest tables, but for organizational purposes, the table names were numbered to make it easier for us to place them as dictated by the floor plan.  One problem though – the numbers that were printed were WRONG! Therefore, not only do we NOT know where David’s guests were to be seated, we didn’t know which tables were supposed to be what! — CRISIS MODE ON —  

We took a deep breath… this was going to take a lot of creative problem solving.

The easier of the two problems… the table names.. we opted to disregard the number printed in the corner of the card and just followed the seating plan to find which table would be what “country”.  A little bit of deduction later and our tables had their identity in order.

The second problem had me thinking.. Shahzadis, we might have met our match.  How would I have known that those escort cards were never even printed? Then it hit me.  We had a document with a  list of all the names and where they were supposed to be seated.  We also had the table seating cards even if we were missing the escort cards.  – LIGHT BULB MOMENT –

This idea was tedious.. and we would need reinforcements! We called on her amazing friend and cousin and we went to each table and collected each table seating card and wrote the name of each country on the back! Than we put them in alphabetical order and used them as our escort cards instead! They ended up looking lovely at the receiving table.  In two hours, our crisis was averted…

We knew that this is something we had to tell the bride… as this was not in her original plan.  She had worked so hard making those kisses! We went to her with our problem and how we had resolved it.. and although she was not happy that we had to change the details… she was glad that the problem was resolved.  She was understanding of the situation and was impressed with the quick work to get the issue handled before the event began!

In all this craziness, a bridesmaid lost her reception outfit, to which an Aunti made some emergency calls and dealt with that crisis promptly! All her maids were ready to go as the new Mr. & Mrs. made their entrance!

As the night progressed, everything went according to schedule and each and every guest had a blast!  The night continued with a funnel cake station and amazing dessert spread!


Nisha and David are such a lovely couple! They are perfect for each other. I am so glad we were able to see your vision to fruition! Here are a few lovely words from the Bride:

They were amazing. Words can’t express how grateful we are to have them as our wedding planner. My husband and I can’t stop talking about them and how our day would of not been as smooth as it was without these 2 cuties.

To anyone who needs a planner for any event. Don’t even think twice. Farah is the right person. You will NOT regret it:) Will def hire this girl again..Maybe a 1 year wedding anniversary hehe:) Luv ya xoxo

WE LOVE YOU NISHA! Oh… and DAVID! ❤ { this man was the cutest, calling till the wee hours of the morning the day before to make sure he had everything in order because he wanted everything to go perfectly for his bride}


Thank you so much for visiting Shahzadis ❤

Partners in Vision Orchestration:

Grand Empire Banquet Hall Karma Design Studio | Ali K Photography | Beauty Concept By Shirley Wu | Nspire Sound | Vibrance Designs | Fine Cakes by Zehra

Wedding Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair

Real Shahzadi ~ Nisha & David [July 27, 2013] Part 1

Hi Shahzadis!

Guess who crawled out from under a rock! I am SO happy to be back to blogging I could pretty much jump out from inside your screen and give each and every one of your reading this a big HUG!

Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin ❤ you all are my one true love!

I want to take a minute to talk about one of the weddings I was fortunate to coordinate.  I met Nisha one night at a Starbucks… and when I say night.. it was actually 10 o’clock.  But she was adamant that we had to meet.  Within 20 minutes I knew she was the kind of Shahzadi that just loved to take care of others.  I guess the fact that she is a nurse by profession had a little to do with that.  It is that basic need to take care of others that led her to contact me.  She wanted her wedding to go pitch perfect but did not want her friends to have to do more than they were already doing.

When I tell you about this superwoman, you are going to think she was absolutely NUTS. And I would tell you that I agree.  Nisha was having a Hindu ceremony in the morningoutfit changeChristian ceremony in the afternoonoutfit change reception at night.  Yes. I know.  She is NUTS.  I am nuts for taking it on.  But Shahzadis… I am so glad I did! If there was anyone who needed the added structure of having a planner coordinate the wedding, it was Nisha and David!

My lovely Shahzadi knew the idea of having three different events happen in a 18 hour period of time with little down time was a little bit of a stretch, but she knew that this is the way she wanted to do it.  She knew that it would a little bit difficult to keep a tight reign on the situation, but she kept her faith in me.   I knew for her sake I would have to work extra hard to make sure that nothing went off the rails.

A Shahzadi Affair
A Shahzadi Affair

The Hindu ceremony went very well.  We arrived early in the morning to make sure that setup was complete and all the aspects of Nisha’s traditional red, gold and green mandap were perfect.  We made things easier for Nisha and David by getting all the programs ahead of time and setting them on each chair so that no one had to do any tedious work.  We worked to make sure that breakfast was served and the guests were happy and feeling the excitement.  My Shahzadi was all smiles and giddy and you could tell that she was so happy that she didn’t care that she had gotten up at an ungodly hour to get ready for her big day!  The groom, David, was the picture of the perfect groom.  Ready and willing to tie himself down to this lovely woman.  You could see it in his eyes as she walked down to meet him at the mandap! ❤ I love LOVE!

The day progressed just as planned and after the Hindu ceremony, the bride and groom stole away with their nearest and dearest for a quick photo session before the church ceremony.  We headed to the church happy with how everything had been going so according to plan.  But then it began to rain and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that we would be derailed off the original plan.  Turns out though that our bride and her new husband had a beautiful shoot with their wedding party! – SUCCESS-

At the church it was a mad dash to change clothes, to refinish her make up and find the flower girl! A lot went down in 30 minutes I tell you! But the bride made it down the alter without any hiccups and married her love for the second time that day! – When I said he doesn’t mind being tied down, I wasn’t lying!

Taking their vows
Taking their vows

As soon as these two were married [again] my assistant and I made a mad dash back to the hall!

The reception setup was calling!

Partners In Vision Orchestration:

Grand Empire Banquet Hall | Karma Design Studio | Ali K Photography | Beauty Concept By Shirley Wu | Nspire Sound | Vibrance Designs | Caledon Horse & Carriage

Wedding Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair

India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 – Delhi

Hi Shahzadis

Have I got a treat for you! India Bridal Fashion Week in Delhi is going on RIGHT NOW!  Obviously I’m not in Delhi to enjoy the show myself… but with the magic of the world wide web and *COUGH* Vogue India *COUGH*  I put together a few of my fave looks! The week ends on Sunday so there will be more shows!

In this round up, we get to see the following designers works:

  • JJ Valaya
  • Shantanu & Nikhil
  • Meera Muzafar Ali
  • Rina Dhaka & Jyotsna Tiwari
  • Falguni & Shane Peacock
  • Raghavendra Rathore

If you want to stay up to date with the schedule *CLICK HERE*

If you want to see a live streaming of the shows  *CLICK HERE*  <— I know, you’re welcome.